Made In Africa

A Story Woven with Hope & Empowerment

Made In Africa: Where Fashion Empowers and Dreams Revive

Africa's vibrant tapestry is woven with stories of resilience and hope. Christelle, one the co-founders, embodies one such story. Ten years ago, driven by a longing for the vibrant prints missing from her UK life, she returned to Cameroon with a dream – Grassfields.

Grassfields was and continues to be a promise to uplift local communities by keeping production in Africa. We've seen firsthand the transformative power of creating jobs and fostering skills.

But here's where our story takes a turn. After years of success, challenges forced us to pause new collections. And although we're back with breathtaking designs that celebrate Africa's spirit, like the pieces in the new Back to Basics Collection, we are presented with a new challenge.

The Challenge

As we focus on the future with the stunning Back to Basics Collection, we face a critical hurdle. The previous owners left behind a collection in our Nigerian factory. This valuable collection is taking up space we desperately need for upcoming projects to keep Grassfields thriving.

This is where you come in! We need your support to clear out this legacy collection and pave the way for a bright future.

We understand that times might be tough for some, but even small actions can make a big difference. Every purchase, gift card, and recommendation brings us closer to our dream of empowering African communities through fashion. Imagine the impact we can create together!

Here's Why Your Help Matters:

  • Limited Warehouse Space: This leftover collection is holding back our ability to produce the exciting new collections you crave, including the Back to Basics line. Clearing it out allows us to move forward with our vision and continue creating stunning pieces that celebrate Africa.

  • Production Delays: A cluttered workspace means delays. Your support in moving this collection ensures a smoother workflow and timely delivery of your new Grassfields favorites. We know you're excited to rock those new looks!

  • The Power of Community: Together, we can overcome this obstacle. Every purchase, gift card, and recommendation brings us closer to our dream of empowering African communities through fashion.

How You Can Help

Shop The Legacy Collection

Get unique and high-quality pieces at a great price while helping us make way for the future. Discover hidden gems and support a cause you believe in!

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Purchase a Gift Card

Invest in Grass-fields' future and use your gift card for yourself or give to someone special to use on upcoming collections, filled with the latest African-inspired designs.

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Spread The Word

Share our story and encourage others to support us by purchasing from the legacy collection. Let's create a buzz and inspire others to join our mission!

Together, we can turn this challenge into an opportunity. By clearing out the legacy collection, we'll ensure a smooth-running operation and pave the way for the future of Grassfields – a future where fashion empowers African communities and brings you the stunning styles you love.

Thank you for your continued support!